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         Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding service.
Fur Sure! Pet Sitting Service POLICY PAGE will be emailed to prospective customers prior to a Meet and Greet.  The POLICY PAGE addresses the minimum visit requirements for pets and other pertinent information.
  • How do I get started?
    Please inquire first through the Contact Form on the Contact Page to check availability for the dates you will need service for your pet(s) and specify which service you are interested in. Please give some information about your pet(s). If I am available for the dates you need service, I will verify your information before I respond back to you (a safety protocol). We would then discuss your pet sitting needs via an initial phone call. From here we can set up a meet and greet if we are both in agreement. If my schedule is filled and I am not available I will promptly respond to let you know. Please Note: I have a (5) pet sit minimum for new customers for Pet Sitting visits to your home.
  • Can you explain the Meet and Greet?
    Why, yes I can. A meet and greet is a preliminary, courtesy interview required before any service may begin. This usually takes 30-60 minutes. The meet and greet would take place in your home for the Pet Sitting Service and in my home for the Doggie VaCay Service. During the meet and greet I normally get all the necessary instruction on the care of your pet(s). I ask a lot of questions regarding their routine, feeding schedule, activity, medication information, behavior issues or quirks, etc. You will show me around your home for house visits and I will give you a tour of my home for my Doggie VaCay service. If we’re in agreement a contract can be signed for service. This meeting is also where the exchange of any physical keys occurs (for in your home visits). I ask for (2) keys, one for back up. If keys are not given to me at the first meet and greet a key pick up charge will incur to come back for the keys ($10-$15.00). Key Return: after a pet sit is completed (in your home), I can drop the key off or I can keep your key securely on file with me for future booking. Fee depends on location. If you are very close by, no charge.
  • Do you include a second meet and greet?
    If you or the Pet Sitter (Brenda) feels that additional time is needed with a second visit, I can provide time, but it will be chargeable at a home visit Pet Sitting fee. Also, if the first meet and greet for a dog is well in advance of your scheduled vacation, for my safety, I will want to schedule a second meet and greet closer to your departure.
  • Do you charge per night for your Doggie VaCay Boarding Service?
    Yes, the price is per night UP TO 24 hours of service. Dogs should be dropped off earlier in the day as dogs need time to acclimate to their new “home”. It takes time to settle down on the first night. Please, no drop offs after 4 p.m. (for new or regular customers). If you pick up your dog after 24 hours of service, an extended day charge is added. The extra charge is pro-rated up to 10 additional hours. After 10 hours, a full day service charge will be added.
  • What if I return early?
    For either of my services, If you decide to come back a day or two early, no credit will be given. I cannot replace the open time frame at that point. I also most likely turned down other customers for service at this point as well.
  • Why do you have (3 ) night minimum for Doggie VaCay?
    It’s all about the cleaning. Any dog that comes for Doggie VaCay enters a very clean home. After they leave I spend considerable time cleaning my house for the next guest. Housekeeping is a large part of this service. I spend hours cleaning. A (3) night stay requires the same amount of housekeeping as a one week vacation. Staying less than (3) nights is not feasible due to the time involved for cleanup. Your dog can stay for less time, however the fee would be for my 3 night minimum.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    For Pet Sitting Visits: If I show up for a visit and then it is canceled, the original charge for the visit stands. Regarding Vacation Care cancellations: I find this difficult to enforce with a monetary charge. Please read the following. This is important to me. Last minute cancellations under 2 weeks are considered lost income for the Pet Sitter as the time frame usually can’t be replaced with another customer at that point. This is especially hurtful during busy holiday seasons when we count on the business and our schedules should be filled. Please do the right thing and give plenty of notice should you change your plans. Please be considerate to inform the Pet Sitter.
  • Will you walk my Dog?
    I love to walk and will happily walk your dog if he or she is leash trained. Unfortunately some dogs just don’t know how to go for a walk. If a dog fights the leash, chokes themselves, does not know how to walk properly or is leash reactive: barking, growling, lunges at other dogs or pulls excessively, I cannot walk that dog. If you have a fenced in yard we can spend time outdoors if walks are an issue. If your dog stays with me, I have a fenced in area for some play time instead.
  • What happens if my pet becomes injured?
    I will try to contact you first; otherwise I will take the appropriate steps to have your pet seen by your regular Veterinarian or a nearby emergency Veterinarian depending on the nature of the illness. On my contract I ask for an emergency contact and Vet information. I advise informing your Veterinarian when you will be on vacation and your pets will be in the care of a Pet Sitter. Fur Sure! Pet Sitting Service is a Fully Insured Business and I have an impeccable record for keeping animals safe when in my care. However, emergencies could arise and It is best to be prepared.
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