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A little bit about Brenda...

Hello! My name is Brenda Derosier

I started Fur Sure! Pet Sitting Service in 2005 because I love pets and I wanted to work with animals. Animals make me smile and are good for the soul.

My pets have always been an important part of my life and as a Pet Sitter I know that pet owners have strong emotional attachments to their pets the way I do. Having a love of animals is the most important requirement for becoming a Pet Sitter (as well as good organization and plain old common sense). I truly love caring for each and every animal that I work with and feel incredibly lucky to do what I enjoy for a living. I’m honored to be entrusted with the care of so many beloved pets and I remain committed to providing honest, reliable service to current and future clients. 


Before I discovered Pet Sitting as a profession I was a Professional Chef for many years. 

I worked in the “front of the house” throughout high school and college. Then, in my early 20’s

I naturally gravitated to the “back of the house” in the kitchen. I discovered an untapped talent and true passion for cooking. I decided to enroll in Culinary School and I became a Chef. 


In 2004  I was ready to hang up my apron for a kinder, gentler, less stressful life. I knew right away I wanted to work with animals in some capacity and to be self employed. I have been in the past and it suits me. After extensive research I discovered the relatively unknown (at the time) emerging field of Professional Pet Sitting.

I made the switch and it stuck. 


Now, 19 years later, I am still in business and I know “Fur Sure!” 

I will be caring for pets for years to come. 

I have also transitioned nicely into a Home Cook and can be found in the kitchen most days. Some passions never fade. Now, If I could only just figure out how to cook for two people….. 


Brenda Derosier / Owner / Pet Sitter​


My Mission

To provide quality and loving care for your pets, peace of mind for the pet owner
and deliver consistent and reliable service with clear communication from start to finish.

Google Reviews

pussnboots meow


Brenda at Fur Sure Petsitting was beyond amazing! Especially with the amount of visits I requested. My husband and I both work from home so leaving my older pup and older kitty for 10 days worried me very much. I wanted 4 daily visits and Brenda went above and beyond making sure my fur babies were well cared for. She even helped to take care of a wound on my pups cheek. I could tell my animals were not stressed or anxious as we have a puppy cam and i would check in on them frequently. Having peace of mind to attend my sons wedding and a vacation after was priceless. I didn't worry once and if you knew me, it's extremely rare to not worry.

My husband and I highly recommend Brenda to anyone looking for quality pet sitting. Brenda is super friendly and put up with me checking in. We will most definitely use her services again and again!

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