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NOTE: Please check the Contact  Page for Dates Filled/Not Available

Doggie Vacay Service

 In my home dog care (personalized boarding)

Your Dog is part of the family and treated like family. 

A (3) night minimum is required for this service 


There is no service area restriction for Doggie Vacay.

Dogs get dropped off and picked up by the owner.

Read more information below.


Pet Sitter Hours


Business Office Hours: Monday - Friday  9 a.m. to 7 p.m./ Saturday  9-3

Pet Sitting Hours (for in your home service): 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. / 7 Days per week


 Fur Sure! Pet Sitting Service specializes in Vacation Pet Care

For 1-2 week vacations (more or less)

Long Weekend Getaways / Business Trips/Special Circumstances

This is a Fully Insured Business. Pet First Aid Certified

Service area for Doggie Vacay

 Leominster and all surrounding towns:

Fitchburg,  Lunenburg, Westminster,  Sterling,  Lancaster,  Bolton and Beyond.

(no service area restrictions)

Dogs get dropped off and picked up by pet owner.

Offering In My Home Family Style Boarding for Dogs only (3 night minimum)

 Lots of attention & affection with this option.  

We have a 6' fenced in area for playtime, ball chasing or just hanging out for some fresh air.

Downstairs, dogs enjoy a very cool, expansive indoor play area and/or sleep area.

Dogs can sleep where they are most comfortable, either up or downstairs.

Our neighborhood is dog friendly and safe to walk your dog. Parks are close by for adventure walks.

I am happy to walk any dog if properly leashed trained. See FAQ'S Page for more information..

This is a very personalized service for 1-2 dogs from the same family/household.

No more than two dog families are accepted at one time.

Advanced planning is recommended. A Free Meet and Greet is required prior to service. 


Sorry, I do not board cats

  I do not provide Dog Day Care Service (single day drop off).

CRITERIA for Doggie Vacay

While I love all dogs Big and Small and every kind of breed, unfortunately, not all dogs are the right fit for my Doggie VaCay Service. I do  have a certain CRITERIA  for this particular service that must be met (or pretty darn close to it).  I can't accept just any and every dog for many reasons.   

I strive to find the right fit for my dog and my home. I need to keep both safe from harm. 

Please, no offense if it's not the right fit. 


  • The Biggie: your dog must get along with my very friendly and lovable Lab 

  • Dogs must be well behaved and socialized to other dogs 

  • Good house manners are a must (marking and indoor peeing/pooping is a big No No) 

  • No aggressive dogs or destructive tendencies

  • No excessive barkers please

  • I’m sorry but I can’t accept high anxiety dogs or dogs with separation anxiety (i have visits to do)

  • Puppies accepted starting at 6 months of age. Must be crate trained and up to date on all shots.

  • ALL Dogs need to be house broken to potty outdoors only.  No Indoor Pee Pads please.   

  • Young dogs, 18 months and under must be crate trained. Crates are optional for older dogs If they enjoy being in their crate.  I would never use a crate if a dog hates to go into one.  

  • Dogs must be up to date on all immunizations:

      Rabies Certificate, DHLLP (five way vaccine) & Flea Preventative Maintenance                            ​

Doggie Vacay Rates (below)
There is a (3) night minimum.  
Price is per night up to 24 hours.
The first (2) Hours over 24 Hours/NO CHARGE
    Over 2 hours up to 8 hours add: 50% of daily rate.
     Over 8 hours up to 10 hours add: 75% of daily rate.
Over 10 Hours: Full Day Rate Applies


24 Months & Older

Dogs 24 Months and older: (please read "Criteria" list above)

One dog: $60.00/Night  

Additional Dog from the same family: Add: (+30) per dog.

3 night minimum for Doggie Vacay.  A Free Meet and Greet is required prior to the start of service. Please allow enough time in advance to schedule a meet and greet. A meet and greet is not a guarantee of service. Both parties have to be in agreement.  

Price is per night for up to 24 hours of service. After 24 hours, extended day charge.

Early day drop offs are preferred. Your dog needs time to acclimate to their new “home”


Puppies & Young Dogs

I accept dogs at 6 months of age. Proof of Rabies Vaccine and other core vaccines are required.

Please read the "Criteria List" on this page for accepting dogs.

Who doesn’t love a puppy? Of course I love puppies. However, puppies and younger dogs do need additional care and attention to keep them safe and happy. That is why a surcharge exists on dogs under (2) years of age.  The nightly rate decreases with age.

NOTE: Dogs under 18 months must be crate trained.  All puppies must be house broken to potty outdoors only (no indoor pee pads please). A Free Meet and Greet is required in advance. Please allow enough time to schedule a meet and greet.  (3) Night Minimum.

Young Dogs:  Over 18 months to 2 years of age:    $65.00 per Night (Prefer crate trained, will discuss) 

Puppies:  Over 12 months to 18 months:    $70.00/Night (crate trained)

Puppies:  6 months up to  12 months:        $75.00/Night (must be crate trained)   



Seniors: $60.00 per night.         

I have a very special place in my heart for senior dogs. A white muzzle will melt my heart. I have experience with senior dogs both personally and professionally and understand any special care that your senior may need.


I would be honored to care for your senior dog. A surcharge of $5.00 to $10.00 per day may be added according to your dog's particular needs.


A $10.00 per day surcharge for one dog and a $20.00 surcharge for two dogs will be added for the following Holidays:

Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day

References/Google Reviews

If you Google: Pet Sitter, Leominster MA  Fur Sure! Pet Sitting Service will come up in a Google Link.  Here you can view many positive reviews.

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